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Grooming Your Maltese’s Coat

One option for Maltese owners is to keep their hair long, and this would mean that extra grooming! Here are some great tips to help your puppy keep their lustrous coat.

The first thing to know is that if you want to keep your puppy’s hair long, you will want to brush it every day. Once their hair is about three inches long, begin to lightly brush their hair to get them used to the feeling. By the time they are about 12 weeks old, they should be used to the feel of the brush and comb. In between baths, use a spray bottle with conditioner in order to help prevent breakage. However, you don’t want to saturate them with it, because you can risk irritating their skin.

Tips for Brushing Your Maltese

You want to make sure you brush the entire coat and not just the hair at the top. Use a pin brush and when you are brushing, use long strokes through the hair and finish with the flat wrist. Start at the back of the puppy and comb the feet and work your way to the tail.

After this you can gently raise your puppy up and comb the hair on the inside of the hind legs. While the puppy is up, work on the hair across the stomach and down to the legs. With the puppy on your lap, comb the underarm of each front paw. Also, check the hair on their paws and around the pads to make sure there are not any tangles.

The last area that you need to brush on the dog is the neck area. This will include the head and the face. Be careful of the eyes as your comb downward and outward away from the nose. Make sure you also get under the chin and on the neck. Many people like to do a part on their dog’s hair, so if this is something you’re interested in, then you can use a comb to straighten it out.

Always be careful to be gentle when removing tangles or mats- this can get very uncomfortable for the puppies very quickly.

If you don’t wish to brush your puppy’s hair quite so much, consider using the shorter “puppy cut” that doesn’t require quite so much grooming.

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