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Tips for Bringing Home a New Puppy

maltese puppy

Bringing home a new puppy can be extremely exciting! Everyone wants to play with them and help them learn their way around the house. However, in order to make the whole transition as smooth as possible there are a couple things that should be in their place first.

Preparing for Puppy

There are some things you’re going to want to have on hand before you even pick up the puppy. Some of these things include: a collar, leash, food and water bowls, food, some toys, and possibly a bed. You should also make sure to get their identification tag right away.

When it comes to the owners, plan out the rules in advance. Who is in charge of letting them out? Who feeds them and when? Who will take care of grooming? Will the dog sleep with someone- is it allowed on the furniture? As you can see, there are plenty of questions that come up so knowing the answers right away will help keep the training consistent.

Plan ahead- what does your home look like? Certain areas may need some extra cleaning or puppy-proofing. Do you have other pets? Make sure you introduce them, but also play with the original pets separately. You do not want them to get jealous of the new puppy!

Once Your Puppy is Home

Once your puppy is home, its best to assume it isn’t house trained and work from the ground up. Once you create a pattern for your puppy, make sure it is consistent and that you praise them as much as possible. The more consistent you can be, the better off the training will go and it will speed up the process tremendously.

Your puppy has been around plenty of other dogs, so it’s important to make sure they are healthy- get them into the vet as soon as possible so you can possibly spare your other pets getting sick. Vaccines are important and your breeder will tell you which shots they have or have not had. If the puppy has not been spayed or neutered, make that appointment as well.

Also, once your puppy is home, you will want to give them a crate. To them, this is like having a den or their own personal bedroom. Also, this will help in obedience and housetraining.

For The Present and Future

Training and discipline are important for your puppy. They need order and rules in order to know who the boss is. Their pack mentality will kick in when they see that you (and your family) are the alpha. You don’t need to lose your cool with them- just tell them in a disapproving voice that they did something wrong. Also, praise them for when they do something good!

Your dog will also need exercise and play time. Especially in the puppy stage, your dog will have energy to burn. Dogs tend to be better behaved when they are properly exercised and they have more to do. This proactive step will make everyone involved happy!

Most importantly, when you bring your puppy home, be patient. They are learning a new life with new people- and more than likely are leaving behind a bunch of brothers and sisters to come live with you. If you can start off with a little patience as they learn the rules and the layout of your home, they will shower you with enthusiasm and love whenever you come home. You will never see loyalty quite like what a dog can provide.

If you have any questions about taking home a new Maltese puppy feel free to contact Villa Star Maltese today!