Preparing for a new puppy

There are tremendous variations on how each breeder will recommend how to safely acclimate your new puppy to your home.

It doesn’t mean one way is wrong, and another is right, they may just be different. It does really depend on the breed. The smaller dogs need more consideration.

I recommend using and exercise pen until your puppy is acquainted with her new surroundings. It will make the puppy feel safe and secure. Of course open the pen when you are actively supervising or training the pup, but at night or when you are away, keep the pen closed.

I do not recommend putting the pen in a far off laundry room or away from your site. The puppy needs to be included in the daily activity of the home as well as be observed in the initial days. You will need Nurtical or Karo Syrup on hand to prevent hypoglycemia.

You will need an exercise pen, Canned Canidae Chicken and Rice food, Vets Choice Little Bites, Washable wee pads, Stainless steel feeding dishes, a water bottle, a soft washable bed, puppy safe toys, Cow ears for chewing (Made in USA only) a harness and leach.

It is best to plan a schedule for your puppy to have consistent meal times and potty times to make house training most effective.

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