Tear Stain Remedy & Remover for Your Maltese

This is Olivia the day I received her. She weas badly stained. The after pictures are 3 months later after using the treatments below. I have had excellent success in keeping my dogs from staining.

Maltese Tear Stain Remedy for Sale

$45.00 2 bottle system plus shipping

If you need a safe and easy method to keep you pet stain free, we have an answer for you. This spray is effective and to apply with results within a few days to a couple of weeks. The daily face spray is human grade and safe enough for a newborn baby, Our second formula “Daily Drops” will work on those tougher stains. End those ugly stains!

Tear Stain Treatment Recommendations

This product is formulated to reduce bacteria in the eye and surrounding areas. It has proved effective for over 90% of dogs treated in clinical trials over 4 years. It is assumed that the dog has proper mouth, gum and ear health that could be causing staining.