Tips for Choosing a Dog Groomer for Your Maltese Puppy


When you welcome a new four-legged friend into your home, the last thing you might be concerned about is a groomer. While it is not the first item you should check off your list, it shouldn’t be too far down it. Think about it – what if you never brushed your hair or showered? Dogs are the same way, except they need some help! This is where a professional comes in, and you’d be surprised how quick they’ll need a grooming.



Hiring a professional to take care of your Maltese’s grooming needs is important because, to put it simply, they know what they are doing. Brushing out your pup alone is quite different than combing your own hair and it can be very easy to hurt your pet.  A professional groomer possesses the experience, equipment and knowledge to primp your pet and do so with control and care. A groomer is also trained to discover any potential health risks such as a lump or infection through the grooming process.


So how do you decide on a family groomer for your dog? We suggest good old fashion word-of-mouth. Asking friends and family members who have pets is a great place to begin your quest. These are people you can trust to recommend a qualified and reliable groomer that will keep your pet’s fur, teeth and nails rejuvenated! If those closest to you don’t have pets, other great resources are your veterinarian or a Maltese breeder. If all else fails, the National Dog Groomers Association of America is readily available to assist you every step of the way.


Once you gathered a couple local groomers, schedule a time to visit the facility. Before you commit to any service, it’s important to evaluate the building and staff. Some criteria we suggest basing your decision on are as follows:


  • Does the facility look and smell clean?
  • Does the staff appear to be dependable, experienced and kind?
  • Does the business keep pet records such as medical and emergency contact information?
  • How large are the pet cages? Do the animals have enough room to stand and move about?
  • Did the employees greet your pet and appear to handle the others with care?
  • How much does the grooming cost and what does is included?


A good rule of thumb is if something doesn’t feel right, then it usually isn’t – go with your gut. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving your pet there then that is not the groomer for you. Onward with your search! On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the facility and its staff, book your first appointment!


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